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cruelty-free & vegan


women- owned business

Our Story

The foundation of Fleuria Beauty traces back to a small village in the Amazon rainforest, where the brand's heritage began. From a young age, the founders' mother was immersed in ancient Arawak hair care traditions, renowned for her vibrant, healthy hair. This rich legacy was entrusted to the founders, inspiring the creation of a hair care line that honors their mother's memory. FLEURIA offers a specialty range of hair care products, crafted from family recipes over 150 years old, and handmade using harvested ingredients from their family farm.

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This stuff actually works within 3 weeks I started seeing results new hair coming out.

Lena M.

WOW!!! The difference is unbelievable! I love this product!

Tanisha C.

 It works, only have been using it for a month and it really works!

Crystal T.

Our Commitment To Quality

At FLEURIA, we believe in quality over quantity. This is the philosophical foundation upon which our brand is built. We believe customers should never have to sacrifice health for results or natural ingredients for elevated performance. That’s why every product we create is formulated without compromising on the important things. We believe in producing only the highest possible quality products—which is why each batch of our formulations is attentively prepared by hand in our farm-based lab. We only produce small batches of each product to ensure superior quality and freshness. We choose to cultivate a significant percentage of the ingredients used in our products ourselves to ensure that we deliver on our promises with every batch. We pack tons of enriching ingredients into our formulations at high levels of concentration to deliver maximum results—without the use of artificial chemicals. We ensure that each botanical extract included in our formulations is sustainably farmed in its native habitat. Because our herbs are grown in their native environment, they have a higher concentration of active ingredients (the medicinal component) than those grown elsewhere.

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