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Beauty Guide

  • Curly and Coily Hair Types: 5 Common Mistakes causing excessive hair shedding

    If you’re losing more than the usual number of strands daily, then something might be going awry and the problem could be you haircare routine! Here are some common mistakes causing you to lose more hair than normal:

  • 5 Common Ingredients in Hair Care Products To Avoid

    One key to great hair is the use of good hair products. A single bad ingredient in a hair care product can make that product dangerous for your hair and health. Here are some of the ingredients to avoid if you want to maintain great hair:
  • 3 Benefits of Using Hair Oils

    Ask a couple of your friends or even strangers the secret to their vibrant hair and most will point you towards hair oils. Old and young alike swear by hair oil and continue to point to the regenerative properties of different kinds of hair oil.
  • How To Use Hair Oil For Maximum Result

    Are you using hair oil but not getting the best results? The secret to getting the best out of any product is the right usage. The best products will be wasted if they are not applied right. Follow the four steps below for maximum results!
  • 5 Tips For Healthy Hair This Winter

    There are a few things women love more than anything else in the world; luxurious and healthy hair is in the top three! You want your hair long, so...