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5 Tips For Healthy Hair This Winter

There are a few things women love more than anything else in the world; luxurious and healthy hair is in the top three! You want your hair long, soft and luxurious but sometimes, you find that your hair is miles away from the luxurious wholeness you desire. What you have is nothing short of a wild bird’s nest and you hate it, especially when you see others flaunting their healthy hair!

Just like everything else in life, great hair requires a bit of sacrifice. You have to care for it, tend it and give it all the nourishment it needs to become the plush beauty you want it to be. How do you achieve that healthy hair you desire? 

Follow me, as I show you five tips to create healthy hair!

  • Do you know your hair?

Knowledge is everything. You will take better care of your hair when you understand the kind of hair you have. Some hair products are designed to serve specific hair types and you may be going wrong on hair care products without knowing it. 

There are shampoos designed for damaged hair, others are designed for dyed hair. If your scalp produces a lot of oil, then your hair needs to be washed once daily. So ask yourself the question, what kind of hair do I have?

  • As much as possible, stay away from hot hair tools

How many times do you use hot tools on your hair? Hot combs, hair straighteners, curling irons, and other hot tools only make your scalp dry. If you must use them, keep the usage down to the bare minimum. 

It may not sound like the best practice, but trust me, you’re better off leaving your hair to dry naturally. 

  • Nourish your hair with Natural Oils

Remember how your skin feels when you tenderly rub body cream on it? Your hair wants to feel the same way too and not just in the winter! Even in the summer, rubbing hair oil helps nourish and improve your hair.

Use natural oils as often as possible; coconut oil or olive oil offers the best results. Do this once a week for the best result. It doesn’t just improve the look of your hair, it enriches and helps with hair growth.

  • Shampoos are to be used moderately

If you want to damage your hair, apply shampoo generously, but if you are serious about offering optimal care to your hair, be wary of shampoos. They are great but just like everything, they are only needed in moderation. Apply just a little bit and the hair will be just as clean.

If you can, wash at least every two to three days for maximum results. Be sure to apply conditioners each time you use a shampoo.

  • Eat Right!

Your weight is not the only part of you affected by poor eating habits. Hair loss has been traced to poor diet so all you have to do is eat right and you are halfway to great hair. Eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia have been known to cause hair loss.

Be sure to eat enough iron, protein, vitamins, and minerals as they all work together to ensure great hair growth.

These are simple and almost sound like general knowledge but if we have learned anything, it is that the simplest things offer the best value. Follow these simple tips and you will be surprised how much progress your hair will make!

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